J Crew Collection ‘Etta’ yellow glitter-embellished satin pumps

bright yellow shoes

gold glitter heels yellow satin shoes with gold glitter heels

J Crew ‘Etta’, $300

Yellow is a colour I just can’t get enough of on shoes. For instance, the shade of these ‘Etta’ pumps by J Crew is very similar to the colour of the Zara heels I bought a few weeks ago – so why do I want these too? Can you REALLY never have too many pairs of yellow satin shoes? It would appear so, although, in my defence, these are actually different in terms of both the shape (rounded toe rather than pointed one, no bow), and that amazing heel.

The yellow satin uppers, you see, would be a statement in themselves, but when you add the heels, it takes the look to a whole other level. Without the bright colour and the gold glitter, I might actually have bypassed these – the blocky heel and rounded toe can look a bit matronly if you’re not careful. These shoes are anything BUT matronly, though: in fact, they’re utterly fabulous, and I love the way the glitter on the heel extends to the sole of the shoe: it’s one of these little details that adds a luxurious feel to a shoe, and it’ll ensure that these look just as good when you’re walking away as they will when you’re standing still.

How to save J Crew’s ‘Etta’ pumps?

Yellow, as I’ve said, is a real “statement making” colour, and it’s also very unusual, possibly because a lot of people find it hard to style. I like wearing yellow shoes with pale blue or cream, and Net-a-Porter have styled these with a pair of boyfriend jeans, which also looks great, and is an easy way to dress them down. Seeing as it’s Christmas, though, I decided to play up the gold on the heel, and go for something pale, but… shiny. Well, if you can’t wear a hold pencil skirt at Christmas, when can you? what to wear with yellow shoes

What to wear with yellow shoes:



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