Shoe Kryptonite: Georgina Goodman ‘Dixie’ and ‘Daryl’ peep toes

I know the spikes on the front of these shoes will be an instant “nay” for many of you, but I’m afraid I can’t agree with you on that one, because, oh, how these make my heart flutter! The shape and colour mix combines to create the perfect, understated peep toe, while those spikes give them a bit of bite (literally, probably: I’m fairly sure they’d “bite” my feet every time I tried to put them on), and make them even more covetable.

If you’re not keen on Dixie, however, how about her toothless, but still beautiful, sister Daryl?

As you can see Daryl has the same lovely shape, but without the spikes, and in a softer, nude and grey upper. They’re also a little cheaper, at £445 compared to the £565 you’d pay for the spiked version.

Which do you prefer?


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