Zara black leather pointed court shoes

Zara black leather pointed pumps, £69.99

black court shoes

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Despite being one of the most commonly-purchased shoe styles around (I’m guessing most of us will buy a pair of black pumps at some point in our lives), black court shoes are also one of the most under-appreciated styles out there. Too often dismissed as “boring”, these are the workhorse shoes of many a wardrobe, but when I’m looking for shoes to feature here, I all too often pass them over in favour of something a little more “interesting”: which is a shame, because I think the humble black pump can be absolutely stunning, if done right.

Today I’m redressing the balance by showing you these pointed pumps from Zara. I’ve been aware of these shoes for a while now, but have held off featuring them here, for the reasons given above. The more I look at them, though, the more I like them. They’re just £69.99, but I think they could easily pass for a much more expensive style – and they’re real leather, into the bargain. They do have a fairly long toe, which I know will put some poeple off, but the slim heel and sides go a long way towards making up for that, as far as I’m concerned. There’s something almost “dangerous” about the shape, if that makes sense, and that can only be a good thing when it comes to shoe design, as far as I’m concerned!

One of the best things about black pumps is that they’re so easy to style, and can be worn with almost anything. I’m taking advantage of that fact to show you them with a certain dress that’s currently on my love-it-but-can’t-afford-it list:

black pumps and rose print dress

 Alice + Olivia ‘Bailey’ jacquard dress   ♥ Hair clip  ♥   Ring   ♥  Modcloth earrings  ♥  Lulu Guinness


  • I saw these at Zara the other day, and although I loved the style, I didn’t like the price very much or the height of the heel. I think it will be quite uncomfortable to wear since it doesn’t have a platform at the front, even for those of us who are “well-trained” but they do look gorgeous. Maybe they’d be ok to wear for a few hours, or if there’s not a lot of standing and walking involved.

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