Sam Edleman ‘Pompei’ black mesh sandals

Sam Edleman Pompei black mesh sandals

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Mesh shoes have been one of the surprise hits of the last couple of seasons, and I know I’m not alone in having been thoroughly won over by them. I never would have thought I’d come to appreciate shoes that are more-or-less see-through, but then again, I said the same thing about pointed toes, and look how THAT ended up!

These cute little tie-front sandals are by Sam Edleman, and while the delicate upper makes it tempting to dismiss them as purely dress shoes, I think they could easily work for daytime, with a bit of careful styling. That semi-sheer upper also makes me wonder how they’d look with tights underneath: I’m not normally a big advocate of the tights-with-sandals look, but I’m not totally opposed to it either, and I think it could be worth experimenting with, at least. You never know until you try, after all!

My main inclination with these, however, would be to style them with a pencil skirt. For some reason, this kind of lace-front style seems to work really well with outfits which have an element of the “prim-and-proper” about them, and I think in this case, the see-through sections and silver heel could provide a nice counterpoint to a classic look. I’m thinking of something a bit like this:

monochrome outfit with sam edleman sandals

Sam Edleman ‘Pompei’ black mesh sandals, £134.99

♥  River Island skirt  ♥  River Island top  ♥  Fendi sunglasses  ♥  Emporio Armani watch   ♥  Proenza Schouler bag  Lancome mascara 

Both the skirt and top in this outfit are from River Island, and have gone right onto my wish list: although they look great with these sandals, I think they’d be just a nice with a pair of tall boots in winter. Oh, and the mascara is also on my wish list: I’m a huge fan of Lancome mascara, which I’ve been using for over a decade now, and I can’t wait to try this one!

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