If I HAD to buy designer shoes at The Outnet today…

Have you ever played that game where you fill a spare 20 minutes or so (or, OK, longer…) by flicking through a catalogue, or website, or whatever, and imaging that you HAVE to buy something from each page/category? No budget constraints, no practical concerns: you just HAVE to choose something? I used to do that fairly often: there’s absolutely no point to it other than the entertainment value of choosing between things that are totally out of your price range, but hey, it’s fun. So today I decided to take a look at the designer shoes on sale at The Outnet and decide which ones I’d buy if I absolutely HAD to buy some.

Here are my picks from the currents designer shoe selection:

designer shoes by Dolce & Gabanna on sale at The Outnet

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These Dolce & Gabbana two-part embroidered pumps aren’t particularly my style, and I have absolutely no idea where or how I’d wear them. They’re very pretty, though, and in this game, that’s all that matters!

designer shoes by Charlotte Olympia on sale at The Outnet

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These Charlotte Olympia designer shoes, on the other hand, are very much my style; I adore the black and white colourway and the twisted toe, which has a bit of a vintage feel to it. They’re on sale at The Outnet for £263. On the subject of Charlotte Olympia…

Charlotte Olympia glitter designer shoes on sale at The Outnet

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I would never buy these glitter ‘Sabrina’ platforms in real life: they’re gaudy to the point of being tacky, and even at The Outnet’s sale price of £298, they’re way too expensive for a shoe that would make me ask, “Are these too much?” every time I tried to wear them. Seeing as I’m being “forced” to buy shoes here, though, and shopping with completely imaginary money, I’m finding myself totally willing to consider them. I can actually imagine them being the kind of shoes I would LOVE if I saw them in real life, and I really like the way The Outnet have styled them, too:

red skirt and pink sweater outfit

I don’t think my hair colour would allow me to pull off red and pink together, but I have all of the individual elements of this outfit (or similar versions, anyway), so I’m definitely going to give it a go, if only in the safety of my own dressing room!

Bruno Magli shoes on sale Bruno Magli designer shoe sale

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Here’s another shoe that’s completely over-the-top: SO many crystals, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to walk with all of that foliage attached to your heel! But seeing as you’re twisting my arm here…

Oscar de la renta polka dot designer shoes on sale at The Outnet

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Absolutely no arm-twisting would be required to persuade me to select these Oscar de la Renta polka dot sandals, mind you. None whatsoever…


Jimmy Choo designer shoes on sale

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I very rarely find myself lusting over a pair of platform shoes these days, but these Jimmy Choo ‘Greta’ sandals are pink platformed perfection. On sale at The Outnet for £325.

I’m going to stop there before I get TOO carried away and buy something for real, but if you’re feeling bored, I highly recommend a quick game of “what I’d buy if I absolutely HAD to buy something”: all the fun of shopping, without any of the actual cost!

(*An even more interesting variation on this game is to go through a catalogue or whatever with your best friend/significant other, and see if they can guess which items you’d choose from each page. I did this with ShoeperMan and the H&M brochure last season, and was pretty impressed by how many he managed to get right: I always think he’s completely oblivious to my fashion choices, but he obviously notices much more than he lets on!)


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