Cesare Paciotti ‘sword’ pumps

Cesare Paciotti 'sword' pumps Cesare Paciotti 'sword' pumps

Cesare Paciotti ‘sword’ pumps, $680

I started the day with a pair of “novelty” shoes, so I guess I may as well continue that way!

These shoes are by Cesare Paciotti, and it would probably be fairer to describe them simply as “whimsical” rather  than branding them outright “novelty shoes”. After all, the silver sword IS a part of the Cesare Paciotti logo, so it’s a little less random than it might initially appear, and when I first found these, I initially assumed the diagonal silver strap was JUST a strap: it was only when I took a closer look that I realised it’s designed to look like a sword!

With one sword on each shoe, these kinda give the impression that your feet are about to duel with each other: or perhaps just REALLY feel the need to protect themselves. They’d be the perfect accessories for some kind of highywayman/knight-in-shining-armour Halloween costume, but then again, I somehow doubt there are many people out there who’d pay $680 for a Halloween costume, so maybe not.

Underneath the swords, there’s a very nice black court shoe, with silver trim around the foot, and a red sole (Wonder how Christian Louboutin feels about that?). Do the silver swords add to the effect or detract from it, though? Let me know what you think of these!

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