Ice cream and candy shoes from Charlotte Olympia

ice cream shoes by Charlotte Olympia

Ice cream cone heels by Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia ice-cream cone heels, £520


Giving new meaning to the phrase “those look good enough to eat”, these ice cream cone shoes by Charlotte Olympia certainly look “sweet”. Well, they would, wouldn’t they? They ARE designed to look like an ice cream cone, after all.

The heel of these shoes is a very literal interpretation of the “cone” theme, while the upper is just a little bit more subtle, relying on the candy colours and “dribble” effect to get the message across. As always, Charlotte Olympia’s shoes are anything but ordinary, and are basically the “Marmite” of the shoe world, with some people loving them, while others find them a step too far in the direction of novelty shoes. Although I love Charlotte Olympia, I’m not generally fond of shoes that are designed to look like other things, be it candy, cars, faces, animals, or any of the other objects designers like to base their shoes around. These are one of the few “novelty” styles I can actually imagine myself wearing, though, because I really like the pastel colours, and think they could be a lot of fun with a summer dress.

If you’re not into ice cream, however, Charlotte Olympia’s famous ‘Dolly’ platforms have also had a sugary sweet makeover for this season, and are now available in pink, with a candy bracelet as an ankle stap:

candy bracelet shoes

I used to LOVE those bracelets as a child, and while I’m not sure I’d want to wear then on my feet as an adult, they do have a certain kind of nostalgic charm. You might want to keep these away from any small children you happen to have them: they could prove to be a little too tempting!

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  • Some of Charlotte Olympia’s stuff is cute, but it’s not the kind of thing I would pay those prices for. It’s too costume-y. Shoes shaped as ice cream cones or dog bones shouldn’t cost upwards of five hundred dollars.

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