Satin ‘Bella’ flower trimmed sandals from Coast

If ever there was a well-named shoe, this would be it.

These sandals are called ‘Bella’, and they really are. Beautiful, I mean. Coast started selling shoes a couple of years ago, only to give up and go back to concentrating on their beautiful dresses and other bits of evening wear. The shoes are back on the site now, though, and looking better than ever: I homed in on these ones because I loved the pale pink satin uppers and flower-embellished heels, but there are plenty of others I could have shown you in their place, so you should go and take a look for yourselves.

Although the flowers give these shoes a “special” feel, the colour is neutral enough to make them very versatile. They could even make a nice pair of wedding shoes, of the kind that can be worn after the day itself, too.

These are £99: click here to buy them.


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