New Look Pink Glitter ribbon front heels

new look pink glitter shoes

The Shoes: New Look pink glitter ribbon front heels, £24.99

I’ve said it before, and I’ve absolutely no doubt I’ll say it again at some point, but it’s amazing the difference a ribbon can make to a shoe. So much more glamorous and interesting than a plain old shoelace, no?

In the case of these New Look heels, I actually don’t think the ribbon tie is quite extravagant enough to do the rest of the shoe justice: in fact, I’d be tempted to replace it with a wider one, which I could tie into a perkier kinda bow, but that’s just me. This one works perfectly well, and you may not think a pair of shoes with a pink glitter upper NEEDS any ‘perking up’ anyway.

As a matter of fact, the colour of these shoes isn’t quite what I’d have expected from the words “pink glitter upper”, but personally I think that’s a good thing: imagine these in bubblegum pink, for instance, and you have yourself a totally different – and much cheaper looking – shoe. Not that they’re not cheap as they are, mind you: £24.99 is about as inexpensive as it gets for a pair of shoes – which is ALSO a good thing, especially for the kind of shoes you’re probably not going to wear every day (unless your life is far more glamorous than mine, in which case, good for you!).

outfit featuring pink glitter ribbon tie shoes

THE STYLE:  sweater // skirt // bag // eyeshadow palette 

I always think shoes in this particular style have something of a vintage-inspired feel to them, which will make them work well with similarly-styled pieces. I’ve styled these ones with a modern pencil skirt and sweater, but think they’d also look fabulous with something like a 40s-style tea dress, for a more romantic look.

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