Strange or Shoeper? Check out these unusual shoes…

Jeffrey Campbell shearling ankle boots

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Vain’ shearling ankle boots, £111

A boot in sheep’s clothing?

Jeffrey Campbell 'Dulce' shearling pumps

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Dulce’ shearling pumps, £96

YRU 'Surize' platforms

YRU ‘Surize’ platforms, £93

JeffreY Campbell Backup pumps

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Backup’ pumps, £131

buffalo sandals

Buffalo sandals and sneakers, £125

I mostly like to focus on the shoes I love here at, but every so often, when I’m in search of beautiful shoes to show you, I come across some designs which are just plain STRANGE, instead. Many of them are by Jeffret Campbell, actually. Is anyone surprised?

Today I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some of the unusual shoes I’ve spotted lately. I should add here that I mean no offense to either the designers of these shoes, or to those of you who love/buy them. They may not be MY taste, (Although the donuts and burgers DO look pretty tasty, actually…), but that doesn’t mean they’re not anyone else’s, or that they couldn’t look great with a little bit of careful styling. Now, I’m not even going to pretend to know what kind of styling would make the “sheep shoes” at the top of the page – or any of the others, if I’m perfectly honest – look stylish, but as I said, everyone’s taste is different, so if you think you could make any of these work, I’d love to hear how you’d style them.

What do you think of these unusual shoes, though? Are they strange, or are they absolutely shoeper? Would you wear any of them?


  • The fuzzy white ones look like someone skinned cheap stuffed animals. My brother used to have some stuffed sheep for toys and these boots look like them. The other ones are not so hot either, save for the ones with blocks which might be cute if they weren’t flatforms. I hate flatforms.

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