In lieu of Ruby Shoesday, a video…

The Piano – Florida 2010 from Terry Miaoulis on Vimeo.

So, I totally fail at Ruby Shoesday. Oh, I can wear the shoes, no problem at all. But I can never find the time to set up the camera and take photos, and download them, etc, and I guess that’s one more reason why I’m a shoe blogger rather than a personal style blogger.

Anyway! I promise to do better next week, and, as a tenuous link to Ruby Shoesday, there’s a a brief glimpse of a pair of Ruby Shoes (by Christian Louboutin*, no less) in this video Shoeperman made to sum up how much we’re missing Florida. If you look really closely, you may catch a glimpse of the ones I bought in the background…

* They were $3,500, reduced to to $2,500, so obviously I had to try them on, just to see what it feels like to walk in $3000 shoes. It felt… well, actually it felt vaguely uncomfortable, because they were a size too big, but it ALSO felt like I could’ve clicked my heels together and not been in Kansas Florida any more, Toto.


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The Piano - Florida 2010 from Terry Miaoulis on Vimeo." />