New Shoes! River Island red canvas bow platform wedges

My apologies for bringing yet another “oh, look, it’s a pair of wedges from River Island!” post, but I finally found the perfect replacement for my red canvas wedges (which, by the way, I wore on almost every day of my vacation, giving up on them only when even my dad started to point out that they were looking a little worse for wear. They remain my most-commented-on shoes, though, so I’m still going to see if they can be repaired. I will not give up!) so I guess it was a good job Monday was pay day, hmm?

(Yes, I know I said the Louboutins were the replacement wedges, but as versatile as they are, they’re not exactly the kind of shoes you’d walk for miles in and take to the beach…)

As far as I’m concerned, these shoes are perfect for summer in every single way, and although the platform is significantly higher than the ones they’ll be replacing, they’re still super-comfortable – much more so than flats, in fact . And thus ends my “red canvas wedge” search – at least until these ones wear out, too!

 If you want to join me, they’re £39.99, and you can grab a pair here.


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