Aldo ‘Cantona’ patent ballet flats

Aldo 'Cantona' patent ballet flats

Aldo ‘Cantona’ patent ballet flats, £35

There’s a whole lot to love about Aldo’s current collectiob, but, somewhat unusually for me, these little patent flats are my favourites of the bunch. Well, for today, anyway…

These have everything I consider essential in a pair of flats: a gently pointed toe (for a more elegant shape than a rounded one), a patent upper (harder-wearing than regular leather, and better in in rainy weather), two neutral colours (so you can wear them with everything) and a pretty little  embellishment on the toe (serves no function whatsoever, but sure looks good!).

Oh, and they also have an affordable price tag: what’s not to like?

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  • I used to swear by Aldo’s shoes… they were affordable, and typically cute.


    Every pair I have bought in the last year or so has fallen apart almost immediately. It’s been incredibly frustrating. Just a word of warning!

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