Shoe Review: Simple Red pumps by Buffalo

red high heel shoes

red high heels

red heels

Remember a few months back, when I bought those cheap red heels from Primark, and said that I’d probably have worn them out by the end of the year?

Well, I wasn’t exaggerating as much as you probably assumed I was. No, they’re not worn out yet, but in the short time I’ve owned them, those shoes have had more use than most of the rest of my shoe collection combined, so naturally my mind has turned to the important question of what on earth I’m going to do when they finally give up the ghost? For me, a pair of simple red pumps is a shoe-wardrobe essential: how on earth will I live without them?

Well, luckily for me, and thanks to the generosity of fashion and beauty site Zalando, that’s not something I’m going to have to worry about for a while yet, because a couple of weeks ago I identified the successors to the red shoe crown, in the shape of these red heels by Buffalo. As you may have noticed, Buffalo is a brand I’ve been wearing rather a lot of over the past year: I like them because their shoes are modern, affordable, and always interesting. I also love the fact that they tend to release many of their styles in lots of different colours: I got these ones in red, but they also come in bright blue, brown and black. All of those colours would come in useful in such a classic style, but naturally I went for my favourite “neutral”, red.

This particular shade is actually more of a pinkish-red than my other pair, as you can probably see from the photos. It’s still a bright, versatile shade, which I think will be particularly nice in spring and summer. As for the quality, these are just £50, which provides a good clue that they’re not real leather. I don’t think I would have realised that if I hadn’t read it in the product description, though: the upper is good quality, and (unsurprisingly) far superior to the Primark version, so I’d say they’re pretty good value for money, especially considering how much wear you could conceivably expect to get out of them.

I went for my usual size 4, and found them true to size. I’ve yet to wear them for the entire day, but the upper is soft and pliable, so I don’t anticipate any issues: I guess I’ll find out soon!

These are £50 at Zalando UK, and are available in all of the colours mentioned above.


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