Chocolate Schubar ‘Cael’ flats

Chocolate Schubar Cael flats

Chocolate Schubar Cael flats

Chocolate Schubar Cael flats

Chocolate Schubar Cael flats, £47 (co/ Sarenza)

 These little Chocolate Schubar flats snuck in with my Sarenza order this month: I’d written about them before, and I had some credit left on my gift card, so I figured they’d make a nice change from the gold or red I usually go for with red shoes. Tan and black, as I’ve mentioned many times before, is one of my favourite combinations, and that was the initial reason these appealed to me, although as I’m sure you can imagine, the oversized bow had a fair bit to do with it too!

When the shoes arrived, however, I found a lot more to love about them. I’m particularly keen on the very low vamp, which leaves a hint of toe cleavage of show (controversial, I know, but I like it…), and also helps give the shoes a very elegant, dainty look which can sometimes be missing from flat shoes. I also like the almost shaped toe and the soft upper: these aren’t real leather, but they do feel high quality, and are comfortable to wear.

I tend to avoid ordering flats online, because I have a hard time getting a good fit with them for some reason. With heeled shoes, I can pretty reliably guess my size, and will only have to exchange them if the shoe runs larger or smaller than usual, but with flats I find sizing a lot more hit and miss, and I’m often either walking right out of them, or having my toes pinched. In this case, however, I needn’t have worried: I went for my usual size 4, and would say they’re true to size – I haven’t worn them outdoors yet, but have tried them out around the house, and have found them really comfortable, so I don’t anticipate any issues with them.

I’m not including flats in my shoe challenge, so these don’t count towards my final total, but I never have trouble finding reasons to wear shoes like this, so I’m sure they’ll be getting plenty of use next year!

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