Ways I’ve Worn… Bright red Zara peep toes

Whoops! I had the very best of intentions with this series, which takes a look back at the different ways I’ve “saved” my shoes in my Shoe Challenge, but other things got in the way, so it got pushed onto the back burner! I’m back on track now, though, and today I’m taking a look at the ways I’ve worn my bright red Zara peep toes…

red Zara peep toes

These shoes were a gift from ShoeperMan, who bought them for me during a holiday to Spain in December 2010. I wore them quite a few times during that vacation:

Shoe Challenge 2010 | red Zara peep toes with polka dot dress

Shoe Challenge 2010: with Miss Selfridge polka dot dress

stripe dress and red shoes

December 2010 with Topshop stripe dress

I took them on holiday with me again the next year, to Los Angeles:

Bettie Page captain dress

Shoe Challenge 2011: With Bettie Page ‘Captain’ dress

… and again in 2012, to the Gulf Coast of Florida: I’m starting to sense a theme here!

Bettie Page Jazmin dress

Shoe Challenge 2012: With Bettie Page ‘Jazmin’ dress

Another holiday, another Bettie Page dress!

Despite all of the vacation shots, I DO also wear these shoes at home, too:

stripe pencil skirt and red shoes

Shoe Challenge 2013: with Robert Rodriguez * pencil skirt

As you can see, I definitely like to stick to a “theme” with these shoes, and I’m not just talking about the fact that I always seem to take them on holiday with me! I also mostly like to wear them with some combination of black/white or navy/white – those are colours that I wear lots of, especially during the summer, so I guess that explains why the shoes appear in so many holiday snaps, too: they’re a really useful part of my capsule wardrobe, which is usually based around those colours.

Despite the height, these shoes are actually quite comfortable, and the leather has softened over the years, making them easy to wear. They’re four years old now, but are still going strong, so look out for them in a Shoe Challenge post near you soon!

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