What to wear with crystal embellished shoes | Miu Miu black pumps

Crystal-embellished black pumps by Miu Miu, with a 4.25" heel and rounded toe. Here's what I'd wear with them...

Miu Miu crystal embellished pumps

Miu Miu crystal embellished heels

Miu Miu crystal embellished pumps, 895 euros

These shoes instantly made me think of the ‘Pearly Queens’¬†of London. Of course, these shoes are covered in crystals, not pearls, so they’re not totally the same, but that top-to-toe embellishment has a similar feel to it. There isn’t much of the upper that ISN’T covered in a crystal of some description here, making them one of the more OTT shoe styles I’ve featured in a while. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad one!

These are by Miu Miu and have a 4.25″ heel and a rounded toe. There’s really nothing remarkable about the shape itself, as lovely as it, so all of the drama here comes courtesy of that rainbow of crystals dotted all over the leather uppers. These are the kind of shoes I’d probably be too scared to wear in case I damaged them and ended up losing a crystal or two (and there are a lot of them to keep track of!), but the question still has to be asked:

What to wear with crystal embellished shoes?

For me, there’s an easy, three-word answer to this one: keep it simple. When the shoes look like this, the outfit can be as plain as you like – all people will see are those crystals, anyway!

What to wear with crystal embellished shoes

What to wear with crystal-embellished shoes:

top // trousers // ring // necklace //coat

This outfit is very much a “fantasy” shop for me, because the individual items are (almost) all out of my budget, but with the exception of the coat, which is pretty much in a league of its own, they’re the kind of basic items you can find in most high-street stores. Unlike the shoes, on the other hand: we’re probably NOT going to be seeing a high street version of these anytime soon. Would you buy them if there was one?


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