What to wear with shoe boots | Dune ‘Anastacia’ black patent shoe boots


Dune Anastacia shoe boots

Dune ‘Anastacia’, £35

This winter, I’ve been wearing shoe boots much more often than my usual knee high or over-the-knee boots.

I honestly have no idea why it’s taken me so long to realise that shoe boots (I refuse to call them “shoots”) are the answer to my winter-footwear woes. Or ONE of the answers, anyway. It sounds really obvious – because it IS really obvious – but because shoe boots have much more in common with actual shoes than their higher-legged counterparts, they’re far easier to wear with the kind of outfits I’d normally wear shoes with. No, they’re not quite as warm as a pair of knee-high boots might be, but worn with thick tights, they work out just fine, and I also find them a little more comfortable than a pair of pumps, say, purely because there’s much less chance of your foot slipping out of them when you walk.

I also find shoe boots a great way to dress down an outfit slightly. This is something that’s been on my mind a lot recently: my style tends to be very dressy, and while I don’t particularly care about being over-dressed most of the time, even I have days when I want to look a little more casual, and shoe boots are good option, as even the dressier ones aren’t quite as formal looking as a pair of pumps.

These ‘Anastacia’ boots by Dune, of course, aren’t exactly what you’d call “casual”: the patent upper and high heel take care of that. All the same, they’re the kind of footwear that you could wear with a variety of different looks, and today I’ve chosen to answer the “what to wear with shoe boots” question with a casual outfit:

what to wear with shoe boots

sweater // jeans // bag // sunglasses

Oh, and I almost forgot the best bit: they’re reduced to £35 in the Dune sale!

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