Unusual Shoes Tuesday | A Fringe Too Far?

It’s Tuesday morning, which means it’s time to take a look at some unusual shoes! Starting off with…

Alexandre Birman fringe suede pumps, $625

I know a lot of you like fringe on shoes … but what about THIS much fringing, on these particular shoes? They’re by Alexandre Birman, they’re $625, and they’re magnificently be-fringed, with the entire heel covered in lengths of suede which almost touch the ground. I’d love to see someone walking – or, ideally, running – in these, and think they’d look spectacular with all of that fringing flying out around the foot, but would I want to actually BE the person walking in them? Er, probably not, no. Because they kinda look like they’re wearing a wig to me, and “heel wig” isn’t high on my list of shoe requirements. Moving on, then…

Alexander McQueen tufted boots

Alexander McQueen boots, £1,695

I’m not even sure where to start with these. Should I begin with the strange tufts on the upper? The ‘paper napkin’ effect around the ankle? Or should we proceed straight to the £1,695 price tag? All I can say is that while taste is subjective, and I’m sure these would be pure kryptonite for someone out there, if I was going to be spending that much money on a single pair of shoes, these probably wouldn’t be the ones I’d go for. And neither would these ones:

MSGM blue fur sandals

MSGM blue fur sandals, £1211

To be fair, these are “only” £1,211, so they’re at least a little cheaper. I’m definitely not loving the fur footwear trend, though, and even if I WAS in the market for a pair of furry blue slides, I have a feeling these shoes would make my feet look like they belonged on a cartoon character. Again, not a look that’s high on my wish list.

What do you think of these? They’re definitely unusual shoes, but would you wear any of them?

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