Burberry metallic leather and suede wedge sandals

Burberry metallic leather and suede wedge sandals

Burberry metallic leather and suede wedge sandals, £550

Black and gold. Leather and suede. A high heel, that’s also a wedge. These Burberry wedge sandals combine so many of my favourite things in one shoe-shaped package that I think the only downside I can find is the fact that they cost £550 – ouch! I really love the gold heel on these, though – it looks almost like it’s been carved out of solid gold, which definitely gives a bit of a kick to the overall design. One of the things I love about wedges is that no matter how dressy they are, they can normally also be worn just a little bit more… “casually” isn’t the right word here, but what I’m trying to say is that these may ostensibly be “party shoes”, but they don’t have to JUST be party shoes, and if the weather was a bit warmer, you could probably find some other ways to wear them, too. Or you could have fun trying, at the very least.

These shoes are new in at Net-a-Porter, as is this dress:

cream cotton applique dress

A cream cotton dress probably doesn’t seem like the most practical thing at this time of year, but I guess we’re all used to fashion seasons being out of step with regular seasons, so we know what to expect. This was too pretty not to show you, though, even if it you would have to wait a few months to wear it!

I also really love this wallet:

pink elephant wallet

I don’t normally go in for “novelty” accessories, but this little guy is just too cute, and has put a smile on my face on a grey Monday morning: any accessory with the power to do that has definitely earned a place in my heart, if not in my home – well, he DOES cost £250…

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