KG by Kurt Geiger ‘Marilyn’ high heeled mules

Kurt Geiger 'Marilyn' mules

The Kurt Geiger website currently refers to mules as “the shoe of the season”, and to prove it, their ‘Marilyn’ mule (above) comes in three different colours: black, red and peach.

Now, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for mules, at least as far as appearances go. I like the 50s feel of them, and ones like these, which come with big bows, glitter, and satin uppers, are definitely very glam. While it’s not like me to consider comfort when I’m shoe shopping, though, I have to admit that mules aren’t always the easiest shoes to actually wear, and I always worry about sliding right out of them – or having to walk along with the heel of the shoe slapping against my foot with every step.

What do you think? Are these really the “shoes of the season”? If you answered “yes”, you can click here to buy a pair: they’re £140 at Kurt Geiger.


  • I posted these on my Fb page yesterday! Unfortunately the £140 price tag is far too much for mules. I’m not sure about walking in them either but they are vair pretty!

  • I have to say I’ve never liked Mules, I can’t stop thinking about threading over or falling down from those thin heels when you have nothing fastening the shoe to your foot.

    But then, I fall down from flip-flops, so it’s obvious shoes like these were not made for me ^^

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