ASOS ‘ Parade’ pointed high heels in blue and yellow

ASOS parade pointed high heels

ASOS ' Parade' pointed high heels in blue and yellow

ASOS ‘ Parade’ pointed high heels in blue and yellow, £45

I came across the blue and yellow version of these shoes last week, and had a whole post planned about how I loved the shape, but wasn’t totally sold on the neon yellow of the bow. I mean, I love the bright blue, and I also love yellow WITH blue, as a general rule, but neon… well, it’s not my favourite, to put it mildly, and as much as I liked the look of these, I couldn’t help wishing they came in another colour, too.

Then last night the star sequin version appeared in the “new in” section, and suddenly the fact that I don’t even have a spare £45 to spend on shoes right now is the greatest tragedy of my life. Needless to say, I AM totally sold on this version (and let’s be honest: I probably wouldn’t kick the blue pair off the shoe shelves, either…), which are just all kinds of amazing, really. At first glance, the look is a little bit bridal (I think the tulle skirt that’s just visible in the photo is adding to that impression), and if you’re looking for wedding shoes on a budget, you might just have found them. If you’re looking for wedding shoes which you can also wear AFTER the wedding, though, you might have found those too, because I don’t think you’d have any trouble finding ways to wear these, do you? Of course you wouldn’t: you’re shoeperwomen! And shoeperwomen deserve shoeper shoes: which these most certainly are.

One word of caution: these were already showing up as ‘low stock’ in my size when I tried adding them to my basket last night (purely as an experiment, you understand), so I’m not expecting them to hang around for too long: don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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