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I’ve never been a big fan of Irregular Choice – something which has often surprised readers of this blog, who just don’t understand how someone can love shoes, but not love one of the most creative shoe brands out there.

Well, the answer is pretty simple, really: while I can definitely admire the creativity and imagination that goes into Irregular Choice’s designs, and can understand why those who love them are such huge fans, the styles are generally just a bit too twee, or over-the-top for my tastes. Sure, there have been a few styles over the years that I could imagine wearing, but the older I get, the simpler my tastes become (Which is not to say that you can ever be “too old” for a particular style of shoe, I hasten to add, just that tastes change with time, and mine has become a whole lot simpler…), which means that something like this, for instance…

Irregular choice shoes

… is just never going to be a good fit for my personal style/taste.

As for the three pairs of shoes pictured at the top of the page, however: well, to be totally honest, they probably wouldn’t work all that well with my closet either, but I do love to look at them, which is something I haven’t been able to say about Irregular Choice for a long time now. These are obviously far from “simple”” either, but they ARE a good deal more restrained than the IC “character” shoes, which have been so popular in recent years, and are playful and whimsical, without being the kind of thing you’d spend your entire night fielding questions about, because everyone wants to know why you’re walking around on top of a garden gnome, or whatever other character is adorning your heels.

What do you think of Irregular Choice?


  • I do love Irregular Choice, but like you I tend to go more for the simpler ones. I have quite a few pairs but none of them are really “out there” 😁

  • I love them, though not the most way out ones – generally I gravitate to the designs that are closer to the top ones you picked. They’re often very comfy for high heels and really lift an outfit – I do like the attention they can garner though!

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