In My Shoes | One Shoe Boot to Rule Them All

buffalo shoe boots

I’ve worn one pair of shoes this week. Or one pair of shoe boots, rather.

The boots in question are these ‘Resa’ boots by Buffalo, which came to me courtesy of Spartoo. I actually got them during the summer, and had to put them to the back of the closet for a few weeks, until it was cold enough to wear them, but oh boy, I’ve been making up for lost time this week, and ave completely ignored the rest of my collection in favour of this unassuming pair of shoe boots. In fact, guilty confession coming up: I’ve worn them so often over the last few weeks alone that this week I actually ordered a backup pair, just in case something happens to them, and I’m left without them. I know, I know… I hardly ever do that (I’d normally prefer to buy a completely different pair of shoes, than duplicate a pair I already own), but sometimes when you find a pair of shoes you just KNOW you’re going to wear to death, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There’s nothing particularly interesting about the shoes in themselves: they’re standard black boots, by a brand I’ve come to love over the past few years. The shape, however, is pretty much perfect: they fit close to the foot, so they work with trousers or skirts, and they’re plain enough for me to be able to wear them with almost anything. When it comes to this style of shoe, I sometimes think the simpler they are, the better: the whole point is for them not to stand out too much, but to allow you to wear what you want, without having to worry about finding matching shoes. I normally really struggle with my winter wardrobe, so my newfound love of “shoots” has made things a little easier for me this year – or so far, at least.

I WILL try to wear at least ONE different pair of shoes next week, though. I mean, I DO have a couple more pairs of shoe boots on their way to me, after all…


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