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red sneakers

green ankle boots

01. It’s not often you see me voluntarily wearing sneakers, is it? Actually, I wouldn’t have chosen to wear these shoes for any reason other than practicality (I mean, they’re perfectly nice sneakers – they just make me feel about 5 years old when I wear  them!), but this week was yet another one taken up by DIY. I threw these on for the cleanup on Sunday, rather than risk ruining another pair with all of the dust, paint etc that was flying around: they were also a little safer to scramble over furniture in, too! I actually bought these  (In Primark, for about £12, if I recall correctly…) for our house move last years, for similar reasons (i.e. I was lugging around heavy boxes and climbing in and out of moving trucks all week), and I think that was the last time I wore them. Unfortunately I’d forgotten that they tend to rub a little at the ankle: why is it always the so-called “sensible” shoes that end up causing me pain?

02. When I wasn’t working on the house this week, I was mostly wearing these green Dorothy Perkins ankle boots, which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. The upper on these is man-made, and not the best quality I’ve ever seen, but the colour goes with so much of my wardrobe that I’ve already worn them twice (You can see one of the outfits over at Forever Amber), and have plans for many more outfits involving them, so I should probably have bought a backup pair, in retrospect! Of course, the matching tights help: I just have to be careful not  to wear TOO many forest green items at the same time, or I’ll end up looking like an elf.

As you can see from the second photo, the weather has been pretty cold and wet lately, so I’m not sure how many more new pairs of shoes I’ll manage to wear next week, but I guess I’ll soon find out!

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