Choose My Shoes: Shoeperwoman Shops Sarenza!

Last week, shoe website Sarenza contacted me to ask if I’d like to review a pair of their shoes, as part of their brand ambassador programme. Well, I thought about it for all of 0.58654 seconds before agreeing, but as soon as I started to browse the website, I realised I  had a tough choice ahead of me, because they currently have over 9,800 pairs of women’s shoes on the site. Which is a LOT, even for me.

Luckily this is exactly the kind of challenge I love, but rather than make the decision myself, I’ve decided to place it in the hands of you, my readers and let you choose my shoes.  I’ve selected four pairs from the Sarenza website which are within the budget and currently available in my size: you just have to tell me which pair you want me to review – simple, no?

I’ve put a poll at the end of the post, which I’ll check again at around this time tomorrow (I don’t want to leave it too long in case the shoes sell out in my size!): whichever pair has the most votes will be admitted into my Shoe Challenge, and I’ll style an outfit around them soon. Here are the contenders:

1. The Wildcard:  Carvela ‘Assess’

Some of you may remember me showing you these shoes earlier this year. I loved them then, and still love them now, but  I must confess, I have absolutely no idea what I’d wear with them!

2. The Classic-With-a-Twist: STUDIO TMLS ‘Louanne’

A simple shape and a bright pop of colour: perfect for Spring!

3. The Brand I Don’t Normally Buy: Iron Fist ‘Sugar Hiccup’ platforms

I think I’m alone amongst shoe lovers in that I’ve never really been a huge fan of Iron Fist. I do, however, rather like these shoes, which combine a neutral upper with sequined skulls.

4. The Heartbreaker: Ted Baker ‘Keanah’

Yes, I know: I already have these shoes in pink, but… I love them. And I don’t have them in THIS colour, which is why, left to my own devices, these are the ones I’d choose.

I’m NOT being left to my own devices, here, though: I’m placing the decision solely in your hands, so place your vote in the poll below (and feel free to drop me a comment explaining your choice, if you like) and whichever shoe has the most votes this time tomorrow will be the next pair of shoes to enter the Challenge, courtesy of my Fairy Shoemothers at Sarenza.

Use your power wisely, o’readers!

UPDATE: Voting has now closed – click here to see which shoes won!


    • It’s impossible to pick just one, you’ve chosen a goregous selection Amber! If I had to choose, my personal faves are the Carvela pair; pink and purple wins me over me every time. We also like being reffered to as your Fairy Shoemother 😉

  • I also voted for the Carvela shoes. It was close between those and the Ted Baker shoes. At first glance I really liked the Iron Fist shoes, until I realized there were skulls on them.

    If the Carvela shoes win, does that mean you get to buy a new dress as well since you don’t know what you’d wear with the shoes?

    • Lol! I wish! I will do my best to style them with what I already have – might take me a while with those ones, though, because I’m kind of stuck for ideas. Mind you, I guess if they win I can get suggestions from everyone who voted for them 🙂

  • I love the Carvela ones – I also loved them in yellow, but these colors so are so beautiful… I have some in the same colors (well, not the exact style, but… a bit, just a bit similar – ah, because of the colors!), that I’m waiting to wear when in the UK again (happier then!) – so, I’d love to see you with these ones and I’m sure your style will be perfect! As usual!!!!

    • The Iron Fist ones are also cool, but I think the Carvela ones will win! I have a pair of Iron Fist and yes, it’s a bit tricky…!

  • they are all really nice, personally I would go for the Iron Fist shoes as they are what I would wear, but I love the color’s of the Ted Baker ones a lot, so pretty and feminine. What a great job you have being given shoes! you deserve it but I am a bit jealous!

  • I voted for the Iron Fist shoes, because I’d love to see you in a pair of shoes with a little bit of edge…and I love Iron Fist.

  • The last pair – the color combo is incredible, and the shape is so classic. Judging by how things are going so far though, the Carvela might win. If they do, I suppose the easiest solution would be dark skinnies and a top.

  • I voted Iron Fist just because I think you’d look great in a bit of edgy outfit. And you always look amazing in nude shoes.

    Also, where is Shoesday? I have put up my photo already 🙂

    • Haha, I would have to actually BUY the edgy outfit first, though!

      I totally forgot about Shoesday – I’ve been so busy today I haven’t even left the house: whoops! Will go and look at yours now, though – I really love the way you have the image in the sidebar!

  • If I were to choose for myself, I’d totally take the ones with the skulls. But keeping in mind your style and your wardrobe I vote for the grey ones with the bow.

  • The way I see it, buying the Carvela “Assess” shoes could do two things. It could mean that you buy beautiful shoes and never wear them. OR it could mean you have an opportunity to get shoes you couldn’t normally justify buying and then you find new ways to wear your clothes that will work with them. I think getting those will force you to be creative with your clothes by making you try new color and style combinations, because really, I don’t think you could have those shoes and not wear them. They are too pretty 😀

  • Holy crap, Amber! I literally JUST made a post on my own blog about the Iron Skull pair. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

  • I’d go for the Ted Baker shoes too, as I also have them in pink & they’re amazing! I do also like pair #2, though. But I guess we’ll see which ones everyone chooses for you 🙂

  • Iron Fist shoes are VERY uncomfortable, they have basically no padding. I wore a pair when I was bridesmaid for my cousin’s wedding (yes, Iron Fist as bridesmaid shoes! They were green and purple and were worn with a green dress.)

    I’m torn between the Carvella and Ted Baker – I think the Ted Baker ones are more wearable.

  • The Carvelas, without a moment’s hesitation. I’ve had my eye on them for a long time, and to have them just given to you… Go for it, I’d say, and as was mentioned on top, every shoes goes well with a LBD.

  • I love the Assess and they are even better on – and, what’s more, they are super comfortable!

    Haven’t succumbed to temptation yet myself (am on a shoe ban) so I will live vicariously through you if you get them :o)

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