Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 39: Thrifting in Edinburgh

What: New Look navy platform pumps
When: Friday, July 30th, 2010
Where: Thrifting and lunch with Shoeperman in Edinburgh
With: Jeans (Dorothy Perkins); t-shirt (H&M), jacket (Forever 21); shoulder bag o’doom (Accessorize)

When I lived in Edinburgh, I used to go thrift shopping a lot. The city has a great selection of both charity shops and vintage stores, and it’s basically a bargain-lovers dream, but it had been a while since I had a good trawl through the racks, so today I decided to give myself the day off work and head into the city.

And because I’m me, I decided to do it in 5″ heels.

Terry: “People keep staring at your shoes.”
Me: “That’s because they’re wondering what kind of an idiot would wear them to walk miles in…”

Answer: this kind of idiot:


Shoeperman, meanwhile, passed the time in the Camera Obscura:

Next time, I’m going with him…

So, I walked around the city all day in these: over cobbles (if you’ve never walked in stilettos over cobbles, my advice is: don’t), up and down about a dozen flights of steps, up hills, down… er, hills, and readers, I did not falter. Not a single wobble, or lurch or turned ankle did I suffer in my ridiculously high platform shoes. Finally, though, on the way back to the car after lunch, I realised that the toes were starting to pinch, so I decided to replace them with the handy pair of flats I keep in my handbag at all times for such emergencies. (I’m like the Boy Scouts, only in really high heels). I walked about ten steps in those flats – TEN STEPS… and then I tripped on the edge of a paving slab, and almost fell flat on my face in front of  cafe-full of tourists, all of whom totally failed to conceal their glee at seeing me going flying.


This is why I stick to heels. And also why I always laugh when people ask me how on earth I can walk in them…

Oh, and as for what I bought:

I bought polka dot canvas wedges, of course. Well, what did you expect?! In my defence, they were only £3, and they still had their tags on them, so I don’t think I’ll have a problem getting my money’s worth. The two dresses are also both thrift store finds: the floral one is a vintage Jean Varon dress (from the 70s, I’d guess), which is in perfect condition, and which cost me all of £6: I love thrift shopping!

P.S. If you’re a Facebook fan, I posted some more photos from this challenge over there!


  • Oooooohhhh, it’s such an amazing coincidence! I’ve been thinking the WHOLE week how much I loved to be in Edinburgh, the only time I went… and today I even thought “and what if I go again, soon…?” That is such an amazing city… the photos are lovely, thank you soooo much for posting them here… it was so good to me! The outfit is lovely and honestly, I do the same: shopping in high heels, what else? I always state that I almost only have high heels! You did it well! And the sweet polka dot wedges you bought? And the dress? The price? Aaaaall marvellous! Congratulations and enjoy the weekend (wish you a lot of sun!)

  • Oh my. I got married in Edinburgh 2 and half years ago, at Leith Register office. I had my wedding photographs taken in Princes St gardens and then hubby and I spent our honeymoon in the city. These photographs bring it all back, it’s such a beautiful beautiful city. I’d love to live there.

  • Looks like you had a wonderful time! Those wedges are gorgeous – and for £3?! Amazing! Next time I’m over in Edinburgh I shall look out for some bargains!

  • I’m glad someone else goes shopping in platforms too! People genuinely don’t believe me when I say my feet are more comfortable in them than in say kitten heels!

    Loved seeing what you bought, I’m heading over to Edinburgh in September and really must start looking up thrift shops!

  • I love your “gratuitous tourist-type” photos. I love taking fun pictures like that, but the main difference with mine is that I always look like a tourist. You, on the other hand, look sophisticated.

    • Oh, bless you for saying that! I definitely didn’t look sophisticated when I was flying through the air in my flats – I keep giggling every time I remember the looks on the faces of the people nearest me!

  • cobbles are killers when it comes to heels! The whole of my street is cobbled and looks very victorian-esque which I love, right up untill i pop my fave heels on and look like i’ve lost the ability to walk like a sane person lol

  • Oh I love thrifting too! I went today and many of the stores were 50% storewide which made for a very successful day. Very cute finds of yours, I love those wedges!
    I’m not game enough to go shopping in heels, I do need to try it though because I own waaay too many pretty heels that are being neglected.

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