Shoe Saves #87 & #88: Almost there…

Miss Selfridge grey 'Polly' shoes

I’m doubling up on this Shoe Save, because both of these shoes are styles you’ve seen here lots of times before: my third (and final!) pair of Miss Selfridge ‘Polly’ platforms, and another pair of nude pumps, this time from Dorothy Perkins:

These shoes both fall into the category of shoes I’ve already worn this year, but haven’t photographed: in the case of the nude pumps, it wasn’t really much of an issue because they can be worn any time, but the ‘Polly’ shoes are really a “dry weather only” style because of the pale colour and fabric upper, so I have to confess, I’m actually just wearing them around the house today because I can’t really imagine the current wet and muddy weather lessening up much in the next few weeks! It’s only a very small “cheat”, though, because as I said, I did wear them during drier days this year!

miss selfridge grey platforms

And with that, I have just two pairs left to go: they’re both “party” shoes, but luckily I have two events lined up to wear them at, so I think I’ll manage. How’s everyone else getting on with the challenge?


  • Both shoes are gorgeous! And now you have just two pairs of shoes to end the challenge! Congratulations! I’m doing fine with the challenge! I had a problem on Sudnday (sunburn) and couldn’t wear shoes for days (horrible, isn’t it?) But I hope soon I can again!
    Looking forward to seeing your party shoes!

  • I’ve been doing well with the spirit of the challenge in that I’ve made more effort to wear all of my shoes, and I have quite ruthlessly purged the ones that don’t fit, or hurt, or I just don’t wear…. but I’ve bought lots of new shoes, and I haven’t kept up with properly ‘saving’ shoes, either – so I have lots of shoes that have been worn lots but not ‘saved’ – d’oh!

    • Ha, I was almost exactly the same… I can honestly say that I’ve completely changed my shoe-wearing ways over the last two years, in that I now wear all of them rather than returning to the same pairs all the time, but oh God, the “saving” didn’t go well at all! I feel like I spent the first three quarters of the year merrily wearing the shoes and thinking, “ah, plenty of time left to photograph them!” then had this mad rush at the end. Of course, it didn’t help that after being fairly good all year, I decided to enter into a shoe-buying frenzy in December…

      • Me too! In December/January I bought 2 pairs of Topshop shoes from ebay, 2 pairs of Irregular Choice shoes, a pair of boots and a pair of VW Melissa flat shoes. My friend Lucy gave me a pair of boots, my parents gave me shoes for Christmas, my sister gave me a pair of shoes and I retrieved a pair of shoes that have been at my parents’ house for the past year – so that’s 10 additional pairs in the past two months! The annoying thing is that I’ve worn them ALL, and even photgraphed some (eg the pair from my parents, which I wore on Christmas day) but didn’t mark them as a save. I’m going to give myself a pass on it, though, because it has actually made me think differently about my shoes and such. Still, though – must be more organised!!

  • I love both of them and I think you have done amazingly well to wear nearly all your shoes so far. I have been doing my own version and I would have failed miserably if I’d been in with you.

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