Brian Atwood red patent ‘Patty’ pumps

Brian Atwood red patent 'Patty' pumps

Brian Atwood red patent 'Patty' pumps

Brian Atwood red patent ‘Patty’ pumps, £437.35

Fashion may have given us a lot of shoes I DON’T like this year, but it’s also given us far more pairs of red patent pumps than it normally provides, and that’s definitely something to be thankful for.

These pumps are by Brian Atwood, and are SO red and shiny they remind me of Snow White’s poisoned apple. Or maybe something a little less sinister than that. A Ferrari, say. Or a plate of juicy cherries. That last one has given me an idea for the perfect way to style these shoes, but before I get to that, let’s just pause for a moment and take in the sheer perfection of the glossy upper and the va-va-voom shape. The d’orsay cut instep is particularly notable here, and gives these shoes some killer curves, which are perfectly complimented by the high stiletto heel.

About those cherries, though:

cherry print dress and red patent shoes

cherry print dress and red patent shoes:

 Pretty Dress Company cherry-print dress  ♥ Dollydagger cherry earrings ♥  Sergio Rossi wrist clutch 

I spotted this dress a few days ago, and bookmarked it while I waited for the perfect shoes to come along to pair with it. (And also because I’d really quite like to buy it, let’s be honest…) I think these ones definitely qualify: the cherry print fabric is just screaming out for a pair of red shoes, and red shoes don’t get much better than these. Cherry print is a really easy way to incorporate a bit of pin-up inspired style into your look, but although this dress has a definite retro feel, it doesn’t look too costumey. Alternatively, these shoes would look fantastic with a simple white dress, a pair of jeans, or.. perhaps it would be easier to list the things they WOULDN’T work with!

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