Shoe Save # 76: LGD (Little Green Dress)

leopard print shoes

SHOES: Faith leopard print pumps
SAVED: January 1st, 2012
WITH: Zara dress (gift from my parents)

On the first of January, I figured I may as well start the New Year on a shoe-saving note, so I had a quick look at the shelves, and settled on these leopard print pumps, from Faith.

These are one of the older pairs in my collection at the moment, but they still get quite a lot of use – I’ve always been a sucker for leopard print shoes! I wore them with a Shoeper Staple – the Little Green Dress, and as there were a large number of outtakes with these photos, I’ve posted some more over on Forever Amber, if you want to see them!


  • I still have no leopard print shoes. A massive oversight. Clearly I will never be as stylish as you. Slightly disappointed in the lack of Big Hair, though. 🙂

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