Office ‘Lucky Star’ studded boots in pale pink suede

Office 'Lucky Star' studded boots in pale pink suede

Office ‘Lucky Star’ studded boots in pale pink suede 

Remember Office’s ‘Lucky Star’ boots? The ones that are a dead-ringer for Chloe’s iconic ankle boots (although a fraction of the price), and that I became briefly obsessed with last autumn, after seeing so many of my favourite bloggers and instagrammers wearing them that I actually ended up ordering a pair in the Office sale?

God, I loved those boots – in theory, anyway. I even loved them when I took them out of the box, too: I was instantly smitten with the gold hardware and black leather, and I thought I’d found the answer to all of my winter footwear woes. Then I put them on, turned to the mirror, and realised that I looked like I had a couple of boats for feet: big ones, too. Cruise-liners. Now, I don’t think I have particularly big feet for my size, but when I wore those boots, I was just ALL feet. My legs looked like twigs in comparison, and the overall look was just kind of hilarious, really. I knew as soon as I put them on that I would have to send them back, and I did – reluctantly. They were one of those styles that I really wanted to like, but they were just so far removed from my usual style, and looked so odd when I was wearing them that I knew they’d just sit around never being worn, so I knew I’d made the right decision.

Why, then, am I now so drawn to this pink suede version that’s just been released? I mean, I know the colour is different, but the shape is exactly the same, and I know the pink version won’t be any more flattering on me than the black were. I still kind of love them, though: don’t you hate it when that happens? When you find something you really like, but just KNOW won’t look good on you? (And yes, I know clothes don’t always have to be “flattering” – I’m one of those old-fashioned people who doesn’t feel comfortable in clothes I know don’t work for me, though…)

Of course, this style might not work for me, but I know they’ll look fantastic on so many other people: maybe you’ll be one of them?

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  • They make the model’s feet look big, too. Anything that looks bad on the model can’t be good for the rest of us. To save money and heartache, just get 2 shoeboxes, rubber band them to your feet, and clomp around a la Frankenshoeperwoman.

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