Polka dot platform court shoes from New Look

Polka dots, bows, platforms, high heels… no, I’m not just listing a few of my favourite things, Mary Poppins style, I’m describing these New Look pumps, which have been doing their very best to persuade me to buy them ever since I first laid eyes on them last week.

The good news is that if I DID succumb to the cry of the polka dot pumps, it wouldn’t exactly bankrupt me, as these are something of a steal at just £25. What I actually like most about them is that they have a closed toe: and no, I haven’t forsaken my beloved peep toes, but when the weather fails to co-operate with your toe-baring plans, it’s always nice to know you can still find cute shoes that will keep you comparatively warm and dry(ish).

Now: white or grey?


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