Zara high heel sandals with leaf detail

Zara high heel sandals with leaf detail

Zara high heel sandals with leaf detail

I started off July by showing you a pair of Zara shoes, and I’m going to kick off August in exactly the same way: well, I did warn you I was loving their work this season, didn’t I? (This makes the fact that I’m not ending the month in possession of any new pairs of Zara shoes even more remarkable to me: I mean, can I get a gold star over here or what?)

These little rise gold sandals are the latest to grab my attention, and I’m sure you’ll have no trouble working out why. Not only am I still going through that ‘rose gold’ phase I’ve been stuck in for months (Yeah, I know, me and everyone else on the internet: look, I never claimed to be original!), I also adore the leaf detail, which sweeps all the way across the toe of the sandal, to excellent dramatic effect. These are the kind of shoes that manage to be both simple and statement-making, all at the same time, and those are the very best type of shoes you can find, as far as I’m concerned, so they get full marks from me.

In addition to the leaf embellishment, these also have a high stiletto heel, and a slim ankle strap. They’d make wonderful evening/occasion shoes, and are the kind of style that won’t date too easily (In fact, they actually have a bit of a vintage feel to them, don’t you think?), making them a good investment for your shoe closet. Not that these are a huge investment, mind you: they’ll set you back £65.99, and the uppers are real leather, making them a bit of a bargain, really. Now, if someone could just help me come up with a decent reason to justify buying them, that would be awesome…

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  • Easy justification: You need them for the Greek Goddess halloween costume you probably hadn’t even thought of until I just mentioned it. Right? Right!
    Or, you know, cause they’re super pretty.
    Either or!

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