Green and gold suede peep toes from Zara

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried these shoes on over the past three weeks.

Me being me, I had to visit every single Zara we happened to pass by in California. In fact, I may have visited some of them twice. Or, you know, three times. As it happens, that’s quite a lot of stores, and every one of them seemed to have just one pair of these beautiful green suede shoes in my size. Well, of course, I had to try them on. Every time. Even although I already knew perfectly well that, yes, THEY FIT. Then I’d walk around in them for a couple of minutes, before firmly  telling myself that the LAST thing I need right now is yet ANOTHER pair of green suede shoes, and then regretfully removing them and leaving the store… only to pick them up and try them on again in the very next Zara I visited.

From this, you can probably tell that I really like these shoes.

What I probably don’t need to tell you, if you’ve been visiting this site for any length of time at all, is that green and gold is one of my favourite colour combinations. The shade of green used in these is just perfect, and the shape – particularly the super-small peep toe –  is actually almost identical to that of my my red Zara peep toes, as I discovered one day when I visited the store while wearing the red shoes, and was able to compare them side by side. (The sizing of these would seem to be more accurate, though: I had to go up a size in the red shoes, but my regular size in these ones was perfect). The gold heel, finally, is just the perfect finishing touch, and makes the shoe a little different. I did try to convince myself that as I don’t own green suede shoes with a gold heel, the purchase would actually be perfectly reasonable, but I managed to be firm and walk away from them in the end.

Some other Zara goodies I forced myself to walk away from this month:

Boat-necked dress
, £25.99. Gorgeous colour, and I’m a sucker for anything with a boat neck. This is so reasonably priced, I may well succumb at some point in the future, if it remains in stock.

Striped dress, down to £59.99, although out of stock online. I tried this on, and although the shape is absolutely amazing (the hips are either padded or boned, which makes the skirt pouf out in a very stylized kind of shape, which makes the dress look much more expensive than it actually is), it was a little shorter than I’m generally comfortable with, so I put it back. Should it turn up on eBay in my size, however, I may not be able to resist.

(Note that the model here is wearing the white version of these amazing shoes, which I have hunted high and low for, and have seen selling on eBay for about £170: madness! Zara are still using the black version in their advertising and model shots, though, so I’m hoping for a re-release of them, and if there is one, I definitely won’t be wasting any time in buying a pair!)

But back to the green shoes: they’re £49.99 and you can click here to buy them. And now I’m going to quickly look away from the screen, Lest I be tempted by them…


  • When i tried these shoes in Turin I was enthusiast at the first sight, but past few time walking in I discovered a really bad news: they “plop” away from your feet after few step also in correct size O_o, maybe they are a little hard soled made.

    But I really love the wonderful green *_*


      • Or probably I try them in a particular “thin day” of my feet. (why I have not a “total body thin day”?? O_o…bah) I fit a Zara 4 or 5 size, in this case the 4 one litterally “flop” away =_o (and 3 is reaaaaaally too small)
        The sole, however, seem to me a little more rigid than Zara’s usual, like a wedge shoe 😀


  • it’s so funny…do most women do that or is just a few of us that like something…resist buying it and then spend hours agonizing over it and chasing it down on the net…

    i was in London for a really short two day trip and tried on the blue striped tulip dress in every store…resisted buying it….and then came back to India…agonized for days and then had my sister pick it up for me from Delhi ( Bangalore doesn’t gave a Zara!! ) at full price …call me crazyyyy!!

  • I adore these! I totally get what you ladies have been saying about shoe sizes…I range from a size 5 to a size 7 (uk…I always have to try on and prance about a bit to check them.

  • I saw these shoes in Vienna, and I instantly fell in love with them. I so need a pair of green shoes too, and those are perfect. Too bad they were 37, too small for me. I’ll try to find them, in my local store this week. Love the green/gold combination!

  • Damn! I should have bought these shoes the moment I tried them on and was transported into a state of pure shoe bliss, now they are nowhere to be found, do you think it’s worth calling up to see if they have any? 🙁

  • DO you have any idea where I Can find these shoes? I had a pair and in a car theft, they were stolen. Your blog is the only place online where they appear. They were indeed THE perfect pair of shoes. Anyhow,, ,it’s a far cry to think 7 year after your post, I’d still be able to find them…. but what the heck?, why not try 😊

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