Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Tiny Lace’ t-bar sandals

Christian Louboutin 'Tiny Lace' t-bar sandals

Christian Louboutin ‘Tiny Lace’ t-bar sandals, £671

With their delicate, black lace upper and slim t-bar strap, these shoes look almost like lingerie for the feet. OK, that’s possibly a strange way to describe them, but there’s just something decadent about them that reminds me of the kind of lingerie that’s designed to be seen.

The shoes themselves, meanwhile, are designed NOT to be seen – or not in a way that would make them the focal point of your outfit, anyway. They have that barely-there look which is characteristic of a lot of evening sandals, which are supposed to compliment your dress – or whatever else you choose to wear with them – without taking any of the attention away from it. That’s what they’re supposed to do anyway: I think it would take a pretty spectacular dress to outshine these peep toes, because although they’re sophisticated, and relatively subtle, they’re also so beautiful it would be hard not to stare at them, don’t you think?

I went in search for a dress to do these justice, and as I knew it would be a hard search, I went straight to one of my all-time favourite brands:

Stop Staring Fortune dress

Stop Staring ‘Fortune’ dress in gold, $197

This is Stop Staring’s ‘Fortune’ dress in gold, as seen on countless celebrities. I’m not surprised, either: this is such a stunner I feel like I’d need to roll out a red carpet any time I wanted to wear it. It’s THAT kind of dress. Sadly for me, I can’t actually imagine anywhere I wouldn’t feel over-dressed in this, and although I’m no stranger to the feeling of being overdressed, there’s “overdressed” and then there’s “shiny gold foil dress”, so it’s a good job this one isn’t currently available in my size, because, with all of that said, I’d totally buy it anyway – well, sometimes you don’t really NEED a reason, do you?


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