Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Sex 120 pumps

Christian Louboutin Sex 120 pumps

These shoes spell out “sex”. No, I mean literally:

Christian Louboutin Sex 120

And, you know, I’m not too sure about them. I mean, I LOVE the shape. I LOVE the colour. I even love the idea of the writing on the toes: Louboutin did this a few seasons ago with his “Love” pumps, and I, well, loved them.

The problem with these, though – and I know this will make me sound prudish, which I’m really not – is that it’s just a tiny bit vulgar, no? I get that the shoes are sexy, but would you want to go around with “SEX” written on your feet? If you would, you’ll need $1,395, and to click here to buy them. What do you think, though?


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