Colin Stuart metallic trim slingbacks in green and black

metallic print slingbacks

Colin Stuart metallic trim slingbacks, $88

Victoria’s Secret isn’t a site I tend to associate with shoes. In fact, it’s a site I mostly associate with lingerie, nightwear, and maybe the occasional pair of yoga pants or jersey dress. The brand does offer much more than that, though, and I really like these Colin Stuart slingbacks, which are a very reasonably-priced $88, but which are a whole lot nicer than the comparatively low price would suggest.

As regular readers will expect, I love the green and gold version: I think it’s hard to go wrong with this particular colour combination, but the same could be said of the black version, and they’re perhaps a little more¬†versatile. Of course, I would NEVER advise you to just get them both, if you’re having a hard time choosing between them. Of COURSE not…

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