Shoe of the Day | Boden ‘Polly Point’ gold pointed slingback flats

Boden 'Polly Point' gold slingback flat shoes

Boden ‘Polly Point’ gold slingback flat shoes, £79

Gold flats are one of my ultimate shoe closet staples: they may not be the most exciting shoe styles around, but I really wouldn’t like to try living without them!

Because of my reliance (which some might describe as over-reliance…) on the gold flat, I tend to go through them fairly quickly, which leaves me having to buy a new pair every season or two. Sometimes the search can be a long one – gold flats seem like the kind of shoes you’d be able to pick up almost anywhere, but finding the right pair can be harder than you’d think – but this season it was mercifully short, and those of you who are aware of my ongoing obsession with all things Boden, will be totally unsurprised to learn that that’s where I found them.

These shoes are called ‘Polly Point’, but I think I’ll always think of them as ‘Audrey Hepburn shoes’. They just have that kind of Audrey-esque feel about them, don’t they? In addition to this gold leather upper, they’re also available in navy and tur / quoise suede, and I love the gently pointed toe and flat bow – timeless and classic, just like Audrey.

60s-inspired outfit

River Island dress / bag / sunglasses

This River Island dress is designed to look like a skirt and top: I’m not normally a fan of what I call ‘stuck together clothes’, but I like the 60s vibe of this, so I’m prepared to make an exception just this once! (For those of you who aren’t willing to make an exception, RI also carry this cream mini skirt, which will create a similar effect…) This kind of short, A-line skirt is going to be really popular this spring/summer, and I think it’s a style which works particularly well with flats, so be prepared to see a whole lot more of them!

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