Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Bambou 140mm suede platform peep toes

Purple peep toe platform shoes by Christian Louboutin

Well, what can I say? That combination of purple upper and red sole gets me every time… Add in the curved sides (so very Louboutin) and the chunky heel, which is currently appealing to me much more than my usual spindly stilettos (not that I won’t always love them, of course, but they say a change is as good as a rest), and I’m sold. Or I would be sold, if there wasn’t a £495 sting in the tail. Ouch.

Click here to buy these from My Thereasa: remember to treat them well!


  • Amazing! I love purple and red together and I even thought of a dress I have that would be perfect with these shoes now… but for that price, I’m off… *sigh* Fantastic shoes anyway!

  • Shoeperwoman you got my hopes up with that dollar sign for a sec, I was thinking – that’s not too bad *evil thoughts* but all hope was dashed when I see it should be a £ not a $. Cruel, shoeperowman, just cruel!*

    *I’ll let you off with it this one time!

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