Miss Selfridge ‘Sindy’ bow back platform heels

high heel shoes with bow mint green heels with bow on heel

Miss Selfridge ‘Sindy’ bow back platform heels, £42

Well, it’s a good job I finally noticed that Miss Selfridge had accidentally been deleted from my bookmarks folder and corrected that omission: otherwise I’d never have discovered these cute little ‘Sindy’ pumps, which are everything a shoeper heart desires!

Well, almost everything: over the course of the past year I’ve gradually been moving away from platform soles and favouring lower, pointier styles instead, and although the shift has been a gradual one, it’s now reached the point where rounded platforms have started to look just a little bit dated to me. Don’t worry: give it a year or so and they’ll probably be back in favour again… I always think it’s interesting that although I don’t consider myself to be “fashion conscious”, and it wouldn’t even occur to me to wear something BECAUSE it was fashionable (Or, conversely, to avoid wearing something because it WASN’T fashionable), I am apparently susceptible to trends, purely in the sense that when a particular style has been fashionable for a long time, that shape starts to become “the norm”, and anything else looks just a little bit out of place somehow.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t wear these shoes, however: the mint uppers and bow on the heel could almost have been made for me, and I’m not at the stage where I’ve completely abandoned the shoes I already own in this style, so I suspect I’d be quite happy if these were to suddenly appear on the shelves, platform sole and all. As pretty as they are now, though, take away that sole and give them a little bit more of a pointed toe and my mouse cursor would be hovering over the “add to bag” button before I even knew what had happened.

These are £42, and they also come in a very cute coral, and basic black.

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