Two pairs of boots to take you through autumn

If I were to pick just two pairs of boots to wear all autumn – and into winter, too – I know exactly what I’d go for:

01. One pair of black ankle boots

02. One pair of tan knee boots

Although I won’t deny I enjoy having more of a choice than that (My dark green ankle boots, for instance, were one of my best purchases of last year, which proved to me that you don’t always have to stick to the so-called ‘neutrals’ if you want to be able to get a lot of wear out of your wardrobe…), if I really had to, I know I could wear these all season without it causing too much of a wardrobe dilemma: and it just so happens that I’ve tracked down exactly the boots I’d want to wear!

tan suede knee boots

The Tan Knee Boots

OK, these are technically OVER-the-knee boots, but I’m not going to quibble over the details when faced with the perfect shade of tan, am I? I love tan all year round: it provides the perfect contrast with black, navy, cream or white, and it somehow always managed to look expensive, even when you’re shopping on a budget. Tan really comes into its own in autumn, however, blending really well with all of those forest greens and rich plums that tend to appear at this time of year. These boots also come in black, however, and I love the chunky heel and almond toe, which will look perfect over jeans and with dresses.

black ankle boots

The black ankle boots

Just a few years ago, I’d probably have turned my nose up at the elasticated top on these boots, which looks a little bit too much like a sock, no? This is a style we’ll be seeing a lot of this season, though, and I actually really like it – not so much for the sock-like appearance, as for the fact that these boots will really hug the ankle, creating a much more streamlined look than you usually get from an ankle boot.

What kind of boots would you go for if you could only pick two different styles?

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