Shoe Kryptonite: Green ‘Hollywood’ platform bow shoes from Chockers Shoes

Well, guess which shoes just went onto MY wish list?

Did you guess “These ones? These ones right here, with the green, and the bow, and the platform? These ones that are so very “Shoepewoman” they may as well have my name on them?” You’d be right, if so.

These shoes come from a company called Chockers, and they instantly reminded me of Kurt Keiger’s ‘Echinacea’ pumps, although in this case the bow isn’t detachable, and the uppers are green, rather than red, nude or leopard print, like the KG versions. (These also come in black, grey and beige, though) The price is also different – just £35 opposed to £120.

Now for the bad news: these aren’t actually available just yet, but they are marked as “coming soon” and you can sign up on the website to be notified when they’re in stock. Click here to do it.


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