Casadei teal suede slingbacks with perspex heel

teal shoes with perspex heel

clear heel on teal suede shoe

Casadei teal suede sandals, £752.99

Ah, the “perspex heels” debate raises its head again! I WAS going to say “ugly head” there, but as you may know, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there ARE some shoes out there which can use perspex without looking cheap or tacky: the question is, are these Casadei slingbacks one of them?

I would certainly hope these wouldn’t look “cheap” for one thing, because at £752 they’re actually one of the more expensive shoes I’ve featured here recently, and while “cheap” isn’t a word you EVER really want to have associated with your footwear, no matter what it cost you, I’d be more willing to forgive it on a pair of £12 heels from Primark than on designers shoes which cost more than some people pay in rent.

Luckily, though, I don’t think it’s a word that applies here. The teal suede upper is lush and luxurious, and while the heel is definitely a contrast with the suede, I think the thick, curved shape is really interesting, and overall, I think I’d happily add these to the growing category of “perspex shoes I actually like”.

One thing I DON’T like about these, however, is the giant stud which is visible at the base of the heel. I know it’s the reason the heel is remaining attached to the rest of the shoe (these would presumably be VERY different without that small-but-significant detail!), but these are the details you don’t usually see on your shoes, and there’s a good reason for that.

Overall, though, these still get the thumbs up from me: on everything except price, anyway! What do you say?

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  • They are beautiful, but that stud also put me off. I have to be honest though… a second look made me see the upper is of high quality, but the first time I saw them I thought they were Asos…

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