Shoeper Roundup: Giuseppe Zanotti Spring/Summer 2012 shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti Spring/Summer 2012 shoes


It’s no good, readers: I told myself I wouldn’t write about Giuseppe Zanotti for AT LEAST a couple of weeks, because I know I’ve featured the shoes a lot here, but these styles from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection are just too amazing not to share. And obviously I’m speaking figuratively here: if these shoes were mine, there’s no WAY I’d share them. Not even with you, lovely reader.

As you’d expect from Zanotti, some of these are just utterly ridiculous. Others, however, are the very definition of awesome, and yes, green suede platforms, I AM talking to you.

These are all available at Louisa Via Roma, and once you’ve had a look at the gallery, you can click here to take your pick!


  • I don’t really like the green suede platforms. The color seems to be veering into pastel, but not quite, which bothers me. And looking at it makes me feel like I’ll fall over, what with the super chunky front and skinny heel.

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