Gingham summer shoes by D&G

D&G gingham shoes

I was crazy about D&G’s floral and gingham-soaked summer collection, with all of the 50s-style looks it brought to mind: in fact, I’d pretty much dress like that EVERY summer if I possibly could.

This small selection of the shoes has just gone on sale at Spartoo, and while the prices are still a little more than I’d be willing to pay for canvas shoes, they have got me dreaming of summer again: the mules in particular appeal to me, because I’ve been on the lookout for something similar (for some reason, I’m always drawn to mules, even although they’re one of the least practical shoes to actually wear!), but I wouldn’t say no to the other pairs, either.

I always think gingham print looks great with denim (and that mules look good with capri pants, but that’s probably just me), but the red and blue colours will make these very versatile, and allow you to pair them with lots of other summer looks, too. Click here to take a look.


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