Office ‘Sound as a Pound’ black patent platform court shoes


One thing I love about Office (actually, there are LOTS of things I love about Office, but let’s just stick to one for now…) is the names they give their shoes. These platforms, for instance, are called ‘Sound as a Pound’, and that somehow endears them to me. It’s not the only thing, mind you: I’ve mentioned before that I like combinations of red and black on shoes, so I appreciate the red heel and sole on these, although I’d appreciate them even more if they’d just missed out that middle layer altogether. I’m not one to shy away from high shoes, but these just look too chunky, and I think they’d be much nicer with a lower platform, and just the two colours.

Of course, that’s too much to ask for at the moment, because we STILL seem to be stuck in the “giant platforms” phase of fashion. Ah well, if you like these shoes just as they are, they’re £90 and you can buy them here.

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