Celebrity Shoes: Dita Von Teese in Christian Louboutin

Oh wow… as soon as I laid eyes on these shoes I started to get little pangs of longing for them. We’ve actually seen variations on this style from Christian Louboutin before, but it never gets old as far as I’m concerned, and I think the combination of the red suede uppers with the black and white frill is the best combination yet.

(I do have to wonder why Dita Von Teese’s shoes appear to to be too big, though. I know we’ve discussed this before, and it’s probably because they’re borrowed, but Dita is such a huge Louboutin fan, and gets so many of her shoes custom-made from the brand that’s it’s surprising to see her in shoes that don’t seem to fit. I guess they could be perfectly comfortable in real life, though, who knows?)

Want to see what Dita wore with these?

Absolutely impeccable, as always. So simple, and yet so, so stylish. How I wish I could raid her closet…


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