Nina Ricci flower detail sandal

Let’s just proceed directly to the stand-out feature of these shoes, shall we? The giant, plexi flower on the toe:

It’s quite something, isn’t it? Strangely (for me, anyway), it seems to be attached to a vaguely “sensible” looking shoe, whereas I’d prefer to see an embellishment like this attached to something a little more delicate. Still, the chunky heel should help increase the comfort factor of these, and perhaps make them a little more wearable, too, by combining the extravagant detailing with a fairly plain upper.

What do you think? Worth £1,439 to you? Click here if so.


  • I kind of love the combination of practical & whimsical. Then again, I think there’s a fine line between practical (comfortable enough to actually walk in) & sensible (which makes me think “old lady shoes”). For me, these definitely fall on the practical side of that line, and I’d love them… If I could afford them.

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