Five on Friday: Floral Print Mini dresses

I don’t normally wear mini dresses – floral floral print or otherwise.

It’s not that I don’t like them: I actually do, and when I’m holidaying somewhere warm, I’ll sometimes wear a skirt or dress that feels “mini” to me, although I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t seem that short to other people! (I’m not sure why, but I generally feel that normal rules are suspended when I’m on holiday, somehow – or just in hot weather – so I’m more likely to venture out of my comfort zone). Most of the time, however, I prefer to keep my hemlines a little longer, purely out of personal preference.

This season, though, I have to admit I’m feeling tempted by some of the cute floral print mini dresses I’m seeing in stores. Look at these, for instance…

printed mini dress

Warehouse botanical floral print mini dress

The fresh colour and bold print would make this floral shift dress perfect for a summer holiday: so easy to just throw on with a pair of sandals, and easy to dress up or down, too.

floral bell sleeve dress

Oasis ‘Chelsea’ floral bell sleeve dress

This one, meanwhile, is a little dressier, thanks to those elbow-length sleeves, but it would still be easy enough to dress down, if you wanted to.

Mango floral print mini dress

Mango floral trim mini dress

This dress is also available in black: both versions are cute, but I think this off-white background is particularly nice for summer.

floral print mini dresses

Miss Selfridge floral print mini dress

Miss Selfridge actually has quite a few floral print mini dresses in stock right now: this one, with its high neck and simple shape is one of my favourites, though.

floral print tea dress

ASOS floral print tea dress

It wouldn’t be a shoeper roundup without good ol’ ASOS, would it? If this pretty floral tea dress was just a little bit longer, it would be on its way to me right now: as it is, I’m going to leave it to someone else to enjoy, and simply admire it from afar!

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