Menbur ‘Cara’ polka dot bow slingbacks

blue and turquoise polka dot pumps

Menbur polka dot shoes

black and white polka dot pumps
floral bow pumps

Menbur ‘Cara’ polka dot bow slingbacks, 102 EUR

I’d really like to be able to say something really articulate and insightful about these shoes, but I have to admit that when I first came across them, the only words in my head were:


I may even have said it aloud, actually. It’s a good job the dog was the only one within earshot at the time. (He quite liked them too.)

In my defence, these could almost have been made for me. The polka dots. The bows. The pointed toes. THE POLKA DOTS. Er, I DID mention the polka dots, didn’t I?  They’re pretty awesome, is what I’m trying to say here, and if you don’t like the prints I’ve shown here, there are others available: there’s also a couple more floral prints on the Menbur website, so you’re spoilt for choice.

As far as my choice goes, well, I like them all (of course), but I decided to style the very first pair I found, which was the blue and turquoise pair at the very top of the page. Those are the shoes that made me stop in my tracks as I scrolled through the Menbur website: they’re possibly the boldest of the available colour combinations, and that makes them the kind of shoes that would make everyone who saw them want to stop and comment on them. Here’s how I’ve styled them:

what to wear with polka dot shoes

What to wear with Menbur ‘Cara’ polka dot shoes:

dress // bag // necklace 

As for the other shoes, although Menbur are best known for their occasion-wear, I think you could easily make them work with something more casual, like black cigarette trousers, or even a pair of jeans. In fact, with shoes like these, you could probably wear just about anything: the shoes will still manage to steal all the attention!


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